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Social Relief Blockchain

First of its kind community that supports the management of fundraising for volunteers, developers and nonprofits seeking

to provide social relief.

Lets Make The World Tomorrow Better Than Today

SRX Mission - F.I.S.H

Feed the Hungry

Millions of people globally struggle to get at least one meal a day and proper nutrients that support good health and longevity. SRX and its ecosystem strive to feed, teach and work beside the hungry and undernourished.

Save the Lost

Isolation has become a big problem in today’s world. SRX and it’s ecosystem seek to bring people back into the community and give them meaning.

Imitate Authentic Love

Many today lack the community they need to build meaningful relationships. SRX and it’s ecosystem seek to build strong communities that support trust, giving and longevity.

Heal the Sick

Thousands of communities around the world do not have the resources, doctors and medicines they need to heal the sick. SRX and it's ecosystem provide resources with a holistic approach to increase the happiness and longevity of each person in the community.

SRX Products

SRX Community Platform - In Progress

Platform allows SRX volunteers, developers and investors the ability to connect, research, share ideas and vote on how social relief funds are used.

SRX Blockchain

SRX blockchain will give its developers and investors its own ecosystem/portfolio of projects our community can rally behind to change the world.

SRX Discord

SRX Instagram

SRX Twitter

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